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Strange Invisible Perfumes Dimanche - eau de parfum for women and men

Dimanche by Strange Invisible Perfumes - "A Sunday kind of love. Iris, Rose, Honey & Amber. Inspired by leisurely Sunday lunches in Paris."

Perfume House   Strange Invisible Perfumes
Introduced March 2011
Tagline "Sunday" in French
Scent Classification Oriental
Perfumer Alexandra Balahoutis
Fragrance Notes Iris, Rose, Honey, Amber
Package Designer --
Print/TV Campaign --
Available Products Strange Invisible Perfumes Dimanche - Pure Perfume 0.25oz / $320
Strange Invisible Perfumes Dimanche - Eau de Parfum 1.7oz / $270

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Strange Invisible Perfumes Dimanche
Elle - Nov. 2011
Strange Invisible Perfumes Dimanche

Trail Blazers - The choice between wearing a scent that introduces itself to strangers and one that's detectable only in an embrace is a very personal one. As April Long discovers, it's all about what you want to leave beghind. current favorite is a scent by botanical Strange Invisible Perfumes called Dimanche ("Sunday," en francais), and when I inhale it I practically levitate with pleasure. It's not just that its notes -- a mélange of iris, rose, honey, and something suggestive of sun-dried hay -- transport me back to my grandparents' Kansas farm, of which I have little conscious memory, but because I feel that at last I've found a fragrance that smells, ineffably, like me. For the first time in my life, I want everyone else to smell what I'm wearing. Not in an overpowering, please-God-let-her-get-off-the-elevator way, but in a subtly insinuating, ghostly way. I want it to be the scent that people remember me by. Not only when I'm gone gone, but when I've simply left the room for a few minutes. The fragrance trail -- technically, its sillage -- is perhaps one of the most misunderstood aspects of perfumery. Many people associate its presence with the type of walloping, intrusive fragrances that can turn a crowded cinema into a gas chamber. But it's actually something entirely different, and -- in intention, at least -- thoroughly elegant. The word sillage is French for "wake," like that left by a boat as it moves through water. I like to picture it as the vapor trail of an airplane as it crosses the sky: It's something that hangs in the air intangibly, and just as you begin to get a fix on it, it's gone. ... It turns out my beloved Dimanche lands firmly in the low-sillage camp -- not surprising, considering it's an all-natural eau, which tends to be more fleeting than those with chemical fixatives. Alexandra Balahoutis, the founder of Strange Invisible (a perfumery, incidently, named after one of the greatest sillage events in history: the moment in Shakespeare's Anthony and Cleopatra when the Roman triumvir first catches a whiff of "a strange, invisible perfume" emanating from the scented sails on the Queen of Egypt's boat), tells me that she, personally, prefers low-radius scents: "I think it's really nice when you're wearing a perfume, and you just smell beautiful and people associate it with you. It's definitely there, they definitely notice, but it's subtle and elusive and a bit mysterious."
Quiet Types - The warm rose-and-honey Strange Invisible Perfumes Dimanche was inspired by "leisurely Sunday lunches in Paris" -- and, fittingly, it's both low-key and memorable.
(Long, April. "Trail Blazers." Elle Nov. 2011: 244-248)

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