Mugler Les Exceptions Oriental Express
Mugler Les Exceptions Oriental Express
Fragrance Notes
Top notes - Basil
Heart notes - Sandalwood, vanilla
Base notes - Carrot seed

Perfumers - Jean-Christophe Herault and Olivier Polge
Launched - September 2014

Oriental Express - fragrance

Oriental Express by Mugler is a green oriental perfume for women and men. One of the five debut fragrances in the Mugler Les Exceptions collection crafted by Olivier Polge and Jean-Christophe Herault, IFF perfumes. This edgy scent includes classic oriental notes of sandalwood and vanilla blended with green basil and aromatic carrot seed. The newly designed art deco perfume bottle features an elegant white label and silver accents. Released in 2014, this sensual unisex aroma is available in an eau de parfum spray.

Mugler Les Exceptions Oriental Express - new fragrance details

For me, Oriental Express is a fur-like perfume... I decided to enhance the harmony of sandalwood and vanilla by blending it with carrot and basil, for an aromatic green effect. This striking contrast gives birth to a feminine or masculine oriental fragrance, with an unexpected personality."

Olivier Polge (Press Release)

MUGLER Les Exceptions Perfume Collection

The debut Les Exceptions fragrance collection included five new perfumes of Chyprissime, Fougère Furieuse, Oriental Express, Over the Musk, and Supra Floral created by Jean-Christophe Herault and Olivier Polge of IFF.

Mugler Les Exceptions Chyprissime

Bergamot, orange, pear, patchouli, and oakmoss.
Mugler Les Exceptions Fougere Furieuse
Fougere Furieuse

Geranium, neroli, oakmoss, bergamot, coumarin, and amber.
Mugler Les Exceptions Over the Musk
Over the Musk

Ambrette seed, hibiscus, and musk.
Mugler Les Exceptions Supra Floral
Supra Floral

Hyacinth, amber, incense, and oud.
MUGLER Oriental Express Eau de Parfum

The aromatic Mugler Oriental Express perfume is available in an Eau de Parfum spray, $225 for 2.7 oz.

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