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Fragrance guide for candles and home collections by Astier de Villatte.

Current Scents

Updated 11/2015

Alcatraz -- available in: Scented Candles
Guardian of San Francisco Bay, pelican refuge, the isle of Al Capone and of American Indians who still meet there for the 'Sunrise Gathering' ceremony. Above the fortress steeped in history still floats the divine odour of Indian blond tobacco, yerba maté with its notes of dried hay, smoked lignum vitae and cinnamon spiced with black pepper.

Alger -- available in: Scented Candles
A North African city with Parisian overtones. Whitewashed Haussmanian facades, Persian blinds painted blue, overwhelming heat, a touch of sulphur in the air. From trembling arcades rise delicious perfumes of white campion, privet flowers, wild jasmine, and bitter orange with its acidic notes spiced with a hint of chilli.

Anchorage -- available in: Scented Candles
Rising from a snow-covered landscape, delectable vapours of green citrus fruit, peppermint-frozen magnolia, crystal clear moss and musk. A woody amber accord provides a touch of warmth.

Aoyama -- available in: Scented Candles | Incense
Damp wood, incense, and freshly laundered linen, evoke for Sonya Park the typical smell of an old, wooden Japanese house from the neighbourhood of Aoyama. Exquisite traces of highly-chic Patchouli (damp wood) of smoked wood (Gaiac and Vetiver) and of cloves. A harmonious chord of moss accentuates the feeling of freshness.

Babylone -- available in: Scented Candles
Plunge into an oriental splendour of The Hanging Gardens, one of the seven wonders of the world. An opulent and voluptuous orgy of scent at the limit of decadence: waves of orange blossom mix with amber's honeyed notes, the darkness of patchouli, burning snowbell, and clary sage's lingering impression of straw.

Brasilia -- available in: Scented Candles
An air-conditioned city of concrete deserves a resolutely futuristic fragrance. Rising in the middle of the endless desert, an airy construct of crunchy green notes, sweet acidic rhubarb, 'Rose Oxide' and metallic vibrations. And to top it all off, an unexpected touch of fresh air.

Broadway -- available in: Scented Candles
Neon letters on theater billboards flicker everywhere, while below the hustle and bustle of the crowd. Energy is at its peak. A curious effervescent aroma, inspired by the secret formula of the legendary soft drink, refreshing, citrusy and caramelized, delicately stings your nose.

Cabourg -- available in: Scented Candles
It was here, under the flowering arbors of the gardens of the Grand Hotel, in the heart of this elegant seaside resort on the Normandy coast, that Marcel Proust wrote Within a Budding Grove. A delectable aroma of wisteria and a whiff of creamy jasmine accented by the freshness of ocean spray permeate this timeless vacation spot.

Cambridge -- available in: Scented Candles
Deep in an English garden with an Agatha Christie novel. A cluster of sensual, opulent roses from Morocco and fruity ones from Turkey, entwined with green, vegetable notes from violet leaves, galbanum, verbena, spicy effusions of cinnamon leaf.

Commune de Paris -- available in: Scented Candles
Gusts agrumées scents, bright and incisive, Italian lemon, bergamot, geranium scent, invade the space. Suddenly it's the calm after the storm. Delicious fragrances, hot, sweet, a bit of powdered rise blocks. In the sweetness of benzoin and nutmeg mingles with the smell of coumarin green almond, famous chemical molecule of the time. (Translation??)

Delhi -- available in: Scented Candles | Incense
A spicy plunge into the heart of the old town. Narrow back streets; buildings upon buildings; an overheated atmosphere - a thousand heady flavours rise to your senses: betel, benzoin, musk and myrrh, flushes of smoked wood, vanilla emanations, herbal and eucalyptus beedies.

Delphes -- available in: Scented Candles
Suave combination of field flowers, orange blossom, almond flower and a touch of white honey. The air vibrates with the slightly powdery effusions of flower pollen.

Edimbourg -- available in: Scented Candles
A haunted castle, an ancient city of ruins abandoned to ghosts. The aromatic vapours of a pure single malt, damp cedar wood, mossy stones and beeswax mingle with coolly mysterious mineral notes.

Hoedic -- available in: Scented Candles
A rush of wild fennel across sandy beaches, basil leaf, flavours of star anise and dune lilies, liquorice-tinted myrrh. A genuine scent of nature; a long summer holiday on an island.

Hollywood -- available in: Scented Candles | Incense
A new mythical fragrance rises over Sunset Boulevard: a delicate dusting of iris and patchouli leads us down the yellow brick road of Hollywood studios, blending with the sunny cedarwood, eucalyptus and vetiver scents of Southern California's luxuriant vegetation.

Hong Kong -- available in: Scented Candles
An unexpected pairing of potent cinnamon spice and smooth, fresh mandarin. Enchanting effusions emanating from boats loaded with spices and citrus fruit, slowly crossing the bay.

Honolulu -- available in: Scented Candles
Aloha Sunshine: the opulent fragrance of white gardenia reveals its many facets through slightly acidic notes of Californian lemon and heady Ylang-Ylang essence. Vanilla adds to this voluptuous blend with a sweet touch of sunshine.

Jerusalem -- available in: Scented Candles
A wild-smelling pilgrimage through the celestial city, bounded by its ramparts. Following the paths to the sacred sites: The holy Sepulchre, The Wailing Wall, The Garden of Olives. Within the spire of church-incense dissolves the dark and secret emanations of oud, cedar wood and nutmeg, followed by the lighter, more vegetal gum resin and cypress.

Kobé -- available in: Scented Candles
Sun is setting on the Rokko Mountains. In the old neighbourhood of Kitano, you stroll among curious European houses built by former nostalgic foreign residents. From the streets overlooking Osaka Bay rises a warm, spicy scent of crystallised ginger, a cool, tingly fragrance of coriander root and the unctuosity of sweet fig.

La Tournelle -- available in: Scented Candles
On the banks of the Seine, the imposing castle of Tournelle prepares its watchtowers. Its heavy doors open onto rooms paneled libraries and opulent patina. Y a wonderful fragrance floats back in time wet and wooded notes of cedar, cypress, and an indescribable Gaïac agreement "DNA of parchment" from a book Headspace centenary. (Translation??)

Lhassa -- available in: Scented Candles
A slow climb towards the Potala Palace through the city's colourful, animated side streets. From the plateau, a tracery of aromatic white smoke from juniper berries burnt by pilgrims embellishes the purity of the sky. A heady, woody, spicy bouquet mingles with the medicinal aroma of clove.

Mantes-La-Jolie -- available in: Scented Candles
Unabashed citrus notes of Mentha citrata, crunchy green-stem notes with fragrant accents, and the instant freshness of eucalyptus recreate a display of fresh herbs, transporting you to a village market.

Marienbad -- available in: Scented Candles | Incense
The mythical health spa preferred by Franz Kafka, with its baroque architecture where under the rococo arcades of its thermal baths with seven mineral springs, floats the fragrant aromas of green tea, cardamom and nutmeg, while the healing waters exude aromatic mists from the warm and humid stones, perfumed with sandalwood and white musk.

Monte Carlo -- available in: Scented Candles
Supreme chic. A never-ending ballet of the Hôtel de Paris' revolving doors, rivers of diamonds flowing round casino tables; the air is infused with divine, rich fragrances of Cyprus neroli, tuberose, rose, jasmine, iris, artemisia and patchouli essence, with a coup de grâce trace of leather.

Namche Bazar -- available in: Scented Candles | Incense
Black tea with a touch of tobacco, dry hay, slightly smoky. Patchouli, South American maté and musk can also be identified. The incense vapours mix with the soft, fresh verbena and aromatic lavandin.

Naples -- available in: Scented Candles
The tasty sensation of a slice of pastiera and an expresso at Scaturchio, the best pastry bar in Naples. Delicious almond, orange blossom and Ylang-Ylang, lightened by a refreshing touch of petitgrain and neroli.

Opéra -- available in: Scented Candles | Incense
The splendour of the Palais Garnier. Ballet movements in the Great Hall: entrechats, pas de deux, ronds de jambes upon sumptuous parquet floors, polished with beeswax. Richly upholstered foyers reach to the very roof of the Opera, where thick streams of honey are collected from hives which spread the giddying notes of beeswax absolute, made sublime by minute additions of sandlewood and styrax resin.

Oulan Bator -- available in: Scented Candles | Incense
In the rough: soft leather infused with tobacco, incense, ambergris and angelica root essence. An escape into the wild desert steppe.

Provincetown -- available in: Scented Candles
Endless sandy beaches and wild vegetation surround the New England artist enclave of Provincetown. Intoxicating fresh air and sea mist combine with the scents of wild berries, beach grass, wintergreen and cedar that have grown for millennia around the dunes and salty marshlands.

Quebec -- available in: Scented Candles | Incense
An age-old perfume emanates from the steep lanes of Old Quebec bordered by country homes and secret gardens. Rustic scents of forage plants, the divine aroma of sweet grass - the Amerindian incense - sacred aromatic herb that attracts positive energy and wards off evil spirits.

Roquebrune -- available in: Scented Candles
Dominating the sea, a 'perched village' of Provence crowned with its Carolinian castle. Wandering, lost amongst the narrow, paved streets. Resting in the shadows of Roman arches, bathed in the thousand and one aromas of The South: enigmatic wild sage, spearmint, coriander, rock rose, and bitter orange, with its decisive accent of citrus.

Rue Saint-Honoré -- available in: Scented Candles
Late afternoon. The boutique door opens on to the asphalt of Old Paris. An enticing scent immediately floods the premises. A powdery cloud, a few delicate green notes and a jasmine rose accord merge deliciously with the amber and leather atmosphere.

Rue Saint-Victor -- available in: Scented Candles
The atmosphere of a cedar-panelled library filled with antique books, plus patchouli, smoky birch and vetiver. In a ray of evening sun, you silently turn the pages of an old book, and delight in the soothing smell of Peru balsam, oponax, and ciste absolute.

Saint-Cirq Lapopie -- available in: Scented Candles
Southern France. After the storm, mists of lavender, damp earth and humus winding through the woods. Sweet, deep, fragrant waves mixed with woody notes of Javanese vetiver and its smoky, sunny accents.

Skye -- available in: Scented Candles
The sun reaches its zenith over the magnificent Culin Hills. Stroll along the wild cliffs overhanging the sea. The air, balmy. Everlasting daisies exhale their incredibly subtle perfume of liquorice, of dry, resinous wood, fenugreek, aniseed and lavender.

Stockholm -- available in: Scented Candles | Incense
The interlaced lanes and cobblestones in this pastel and ochre old city, hide the secret address of the famous Swedish Bitters Elixir "from Maria's herb garden." King Gustav II used to give it to his Viking warriors to render them invincible. An inebriating mixture of wild plants, aloe, clove, lavandin and myrrh escapes from the bottle.

Tivoli -- available in: Scented Candles
In the gardens of the Villa d'Este, fountains and waterworks are bubbling in unison. In the shade of hundred-year-old cypress trees, we revel in mists of fresh citrus and abandon ourselves to the haunting fragrance of cedar leaves and cypress wood.

Yakushima -- available in: Incense
There is a primeval and mysterious rain forest on the island of Yakushima, full of thousand-year-old cedar trees, covered with rare mosses and wild azaleas. A marvelous and delicate earthy aroma exudes from the dense and luxuriant vegetation, with its enormous yakusugi trunks and limpid waterfalls.

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Saint-Cirq Lapopie



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