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Yankee Candle Bright Lights Collection

Holiday Candles 2023 by Yankee Candle are here! The "Bright Lights" home fragrance collection include new seasonal scents of Holiday Cheer with notes of cardamom, blackberry wine, and vanilla sugar; Magical Bright Lights, a blend of frozen pear, mint leaf, jasmine, and vanilla; Marshmallow Eggnog, a gourmand fusion of marshmallow, milk, and sweet vanilla; fragrant notes of dewy greens, spices, and fir balsam can be found in Shimmering Christmas Tree; and Sparkling Winterberry is a mix of pomegranate, fir balsam, and cedar. Launched in November 2023, this new winter fragrance collection is available in scented candles, wax melts, and scented oils.

Yankee Candle Bright Lights Collection
Scented Candles, Wax Melts, & Scented Oils
Launched - Nov. 2023
Yankee Candle Bright Lights Collection holiday candles

Yankee Candle New Holiday Fragrance Collection - Fragrance Details

Yankee Candle - Home for the Holidays
Transition your home into a cozy winter wonderland with sparkling fragrances from our NEW Bright Lights Collection. Twinkling notes of fir balsam, warm spices and vanilla add a festive touch to any space."

New Scented Candles

Yankee Candle Bright Lights Collection home fragrance ad

Holiday Cheer - A Fruity fragrance.
Toast the holiday season with a warm, sweet fragrance blend of cardamom, blackberry wine, and vanilla sugar you’ll love to share. (wax color: red)

Magical Bright Lights - A Fresh & Clean fragrance.
The night is bright with twinkling colored lights as the aromas of frozen pear, mint leaf, jasmine, and vanilla enchant you. (wax color: white)

Marshmallow Eggnog - A Sweet & Spicy fragrance.
Creamy eggnog is even more delicious with the fragrances of white marshmallow, milk, and sweet vanilla. (wax color: white)

Shimmering Christmas Tree - A Woody fragrance.
Notes of dewy greens, warm spices, and fir balsam sparkle as you experience this cheery, colorful Christmas tree. (wax color: deep green)

Sparkling Winterberry - A Fresh & Clean fragrance.
A sparkling holiday wreath with notes of tart pomegranate, fir balsam, and snow-covered cedar welcomes you in. (wax color: wine)

The Yankee Candle Holiday Candles 2023 are available in scented oils, wax melts, and scented candles.

Yankee Candle home fragrance collection winter 2023

Scented Candles - premium soy-wax blend, cotton wick
Signature Large - 20 oz. $34.00 / 60-90 hours
Tumbler Large - 20 oz. $34.00 / 60-100 hours
Tumbler Medium - 14.25 oz. $23.00 / 70-115 hours
Tumbler Small - 4.3 oz. $13.00 / 20-30 hours
3-wick - 18 oz. $26.50 / 35-50 hours

Wax Melts - used with warmers, sold separately
Scenterpiece Easy Meltcups - 2.2 oz. $6.00 / up to 24 hours
Wax Melts - 2.6 oz. $5.50 / 6 wax melts per package

Scented Oils - fragrance oil lasts up to 30 days
ScentPlug Refills - 0.625 fl. oz. $7.50

(Source: yankeecandle.com, Nov. 2023)

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