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Holiday Glow Collection 2023 by Glade - Fall is in the air as we welcome back the cozy season and Autumn inspired scents. Apples and pumpkins, yes please! The new 2023 limited edition "Holiday Glow" fragrances from Glade will fill your home (and office) with delicious scents like Cozy Vanilla Cappuccino, Autumn Spiced Apple, Crisp Cranberry Champagne, and more. Available now in scented candles, wax metls, scented oils, and air fresheners. This new perfumed scent collection is only available for a limited time, so stock up today!

Glade Holiday Glow Collection
Scented Candles, Oils, & Air Fresheners
Launched - Sept. 2023
Glade Holiday Glow Collection 2023

Glade Holiday Glow Collection - Fragrance Details

Glade New! Holiday Glow Collection
The Glade Holiday Glow Collection is a range of limited-time-only Glade scents that will get you in the mood to indulge in luxurious comfort. Make your home feel homier this season with Glade."

Home Fragrances, Scented Candles & Oils

Autumn Spiced Apple
Scent Notes: apple, cinnamon, nutmeg
A fragrance of baked apple, cinnamon and nutmeg that blend harmoniously to create an indulgent mood for luxurious comfort. It's a scent as smooth as velvet.

Cozy Vanilla Cappuccino
Scent Notes: vanilla foam, roasted coffee, toasted hazelnut
Notes of vanilla foam, roasted coffee and toasted hazelnut create a vibe for traditional holiday comfort.

Crisp Cranberry Champagne
Scent Notes: pink prosecco, holiday sangria, tart cranberry
Notes of pink prosecco, holiday sangria and tart cranberry provide a comforting vibe for seasonal indulgence.

Fall Night Long
Scent Notes: warm campfire, night air, smoky cedarwood
A rich blend of crisp fall air, fire embers and dry cedar that create an alluring mood for festive fun.

Festive Fireside Glow
Scent Notes: crackling firewood, swirling smoke, brushed suede
Surround yourself with a warm and inviting blend of crackling firewood, swirling smoke and amber. Perfect to bring a cozy vibe to any space.

Golden Pumpkin & Spice
Scent Notes: pumpkin, star anise, cinnamon
Enjoy cozy vibes with a fragrance that blends pumpkin, star anise and cinnamon and create an indulgent mood for luxurious comfort.

Starlight & Snowflakes
Scent Notes: snow, frosty air, eucalyptus
A fragrance of fresh fallen snow, frosty air and eucalyptus provides an inviting scent that’s a perfect fit for the season.

Twinkling Pine & Cedar
Scent Notes: blue spruce, fresh cedarwood, white clove
A blend of blue spruce, cedarwood and white clove make a great addition for any home and is a perfect for fit for the season.

Holiday Glow Collection 2023 Scented Air Fresheners 2023

The new Glade Holiday Glow Collection 2023 is available in scented Candles, Plugins Scented Oil Refills, Air Freshener Spray, and Wax Melts for a limited time.

(Source: glade.com, Sept. 2023)

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