Jean Carles

Perfumer Jean Carles

Jean Carles (1892-1966) is a legendary French Perfumer. He was born in 1892 in France, and worked at Roure (now Givaudan) and founded the Roure Perfumery School in 1946. Even before serving as the schools first director, Jean Carles mentor great perfumers such as Jacques Polge and Monique Schlienger. His teaching theory is known as the "Jean Carles Method." He was the senior perfumer at Roure-Givaudan.

Latest Fragrance Creations

All Perfumes created by Jean Carles


Ma Griffe - 1946


Miss Dior - 1947 (with Paul Vacher)


Ambush - 1955
Canoé - 1935
Emir - 1936
Tabu - 1932

Lucien Lelong

Elle...Elle... - 1937
Indiscret - 1935
Orgueil - 1946
Sirocco - 1934
Tailspin - 1940
Tout Lelong - 1927


Shocking - 1937

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