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Classics fragrances: Spanish perfume house founded by Javier Serre in 1932, their first fragrance released that same year was Tabu by Jean Carles, a woman's oriental fragrance still popular today. Learn more

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Dana fragrance and perfume list.

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Dana Perfumes (by year launched)

2015 - Chantiliy Eau de Vie | Tabu Rose | Valor for Her

2014 - Valor

2013 - Tabu Romance | Tabu Segredos

2011 - Love's Fresh Lemon (relaunched; original 1969; notes: lemon) | Love's Soft Jasmin (relaunched; original 1969; notes: jasmine)

2010 - Love's Rainforest (green)

2009 - Love's Berry Sweet (fruity; notes: cherry blossom petals, peony, white musk, cherry tree wood, white sandalwood)

20xx - Love's Rain Scent | Love's Gentle Musk | Love's Heart Throb (sweet; notes: wild berry, chocolate) | Black Lace (notes: red berry dew, Italian bergamot, black tea petals / waterlily, cyclamen, deep violets, black rose, orange blossom / blonde woods, sandalwood, ebony wood, black lilacs)

2008 - Tabu Forbidden (notes: mandarine, black plum petals, black rose, black narcissus, sheer black jasmine, black musk, Indian sandalwood, black vetiver; original 'Forbidden' 1989)

2007 - English Leather Black (Men; March; notes: bergamot / coriander / musk, sandalwood) | Love's Sugar Kiss (sweet; notes: brown sugar, caramel accents, jasmine, sugar cane, vanilla musk)

2004 - Eau Distinta

2003 - Je Veux | Musk | Tabu Pure | Totem (Men)

2002 - Bluntman (Men) | Herbissimo Bambu (Unisex) | Iro (Unisex) | Syrah | Tabu Red Heels

2001 - Heaven Scent (relaunch; original 1941; notes: apple blossom, mandarin, jasmine, lily of the valley, rose; powdery floral) | Secrets | Vetiver (Men)

2000 - Espiritu de Montesinos | Priorite Eau Bleu | Sirocco Donna (relaunched; original 1942) | Sirocco Uomo (Men)

2000s - Musk for Men | No Limit (Men)

1999 - Imposible (relaunched; original 1950)

1998 - Priorite (relaunched; original 1949; notes: apple, lavender, tarragon / jasmine, muguet, rose petal / apricot, oakmoss, lily) |Shades by Navy (notes: mandarine, bergamot, basil leaves / watermint, lily, peony, water hyacinth, tea accord / cardamom, woods)

1997 - Ambush (relaunched; original 1955; notes: kiwi, papaya / passion fruit / praline, vanilla, sandalwood) | Fetish | Insignia:,,,, i.relax (all Men)

1996 - Dreams | Golf Sport | Herbissimo Te Verde (Men) | Navigator (Men; notes: citrus, juniper, sun-dried linen accord / lavender, nutmeg, patchouli / woody, amber, vetiver, musks, sandalwood, tonka bean) | Navy for Men (notes: wild water mint; juniper berry, tangerine / sage, nutmeg, geranium / siam wood, leather, fir balsam)

1995 - Classic Gardenia | Isignia Nature (Men) | Love's White Vanilla | White Chantilly

1994 - French Vanilla | Insignia Rio (Men) | Love's Clean & Natural | Love's Frenzy

1992 - Incognito

1990 - California for Men | Fathom (Men) | Navy (floral oriental; notes: rose, jasmine, orange flower, coriander, cinnamon)

1989 - Ambush Tender Musk | California | Forbidden (original 1940s) | Silver (Men) | Wild Baby Blue Eyes | Wild Fire Pink | Wild Passion Flower | Wild Tiger Lily

1988 - Demi Jour | Rapport (Men; originally launched by Shulton Co., acquired by Procter & Gamble in 1990, sold to Dana in 1995, now by Eden Classics)

1987 - Le Jardin d'Amour (now by Eden Classics)

1986 - Insignia (Men; notes: bergamot, rosemary, lemon, basil / jasmine, pine, petitgrain, coriander / cedar, moss, patchouli, musk, tonka)

1985 - Christian Aujard for Women | Members Only (Men)

1984 - Lutece | Squash (Men; notes: bergamot, lavender, petitgrain / carnation, cyclamen, vetiver, geranium, sandalwood, fern / moss, amber, tonka bean, musk)

1983 - Le Jardin (now by Eden Classics)

1982 - Celisse | Raffinee (bottle by Alain de Mourgues)

1981 - Cambridge (Men)

1980 - Herbissimo Juniper (Men) | Herbissimo Marjoram (Men)

1978 - Raquet Club (Men) | Herbissimo Cedro | Herbissimo Enebro | Herbissimo Mejorana (Men)

1976 - Mandate (Men; originally launched by Shulton Co., acquired by Procter & Gamble in 1990, sold to Dana in 1995, now by Eden Classics)

1974 - Love's Baby Soft (originally by Mem)

1972 - English Leather Musk (Men)

1973 - Monsieur Musk (Men)

1971 - Gentry (Men)

1970 - Wind Drift (Men)

1970s - English Leather Spiced (Men) | Hawaiian Surf (Men) | Pootle Pink

1968 - Pullman (Men; notes: lavender, anise, lemon, bergamot, rosemary / geranium, fern, rose, carnation / moss, musk, heliotrope, cedarwood, tonka) | Timberline (Men)

1966 - English Leather Lime (Men)

1965 - British Sterling (Men; notes: floral, citrus / nutmeg, cedar, cinnamon, clove / amber, musk, sandalwood, oak)

1955 - Ambush (Jean Carles; original; relaunched 1997; notes: heliptrope, lavender, bergamot / jasmine, orchid, oakmoss / patchouli)

1951 - Voodoo

1950 - Imposible (original; relaunched 1999)

1949 - English Leather (Men; fresh chypre; notes: citrus / mossy notes / woods, leather) | Priorite (original; relanunched 1998) | Zigzag (relaunched 1999)

1942 - Sirocco Donna (original; relaunched 2000)

1941 - Chantiliy (by Houbigant; Paul Paquet; chypre oriental; fruits, lemon, bergamot, neroli, jasmine, rose, orange blossom, spices, ylang ylang, carnation, Indian sandalwood, moss, vanilla, musk, leather, tonka bean, benzoin) | Heaven Scent (original; relaunched 2001)

1936 - Canoe (Men; Jean Carles; bottle by Marc Rosen; notes: lavender, clary sage, lemon / geranium, bourbon, carnation, cedarwood, patchouli / vanilla, tonka, heliotrope, oakmoss) | Emir

1933 - 20 Carats (flowers, fruits, moss tones)

19xx - Chypre | Platine

1932 - Tabu (Jean Carles; oriental; notes: bergamot, coriander, neroli, orange, spices / clove bud oil, clover, jasmine, narcissus, Bulgarian rose, ylang ylang / amber, benzoin, cedar, civet, moss, musk, patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver)

1921 - Toujours Moi (oriental; notes: sandalwood, jasmine, lavender, lilac, musk. Originally by Corday, then owned by Max Factor, then Dana)

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Dana Perfumes

About Dana
Dana is a perfume house founded in 1921 by Javier Serra in Barcelona, Spain. Serra previously worked as the director of Myrurgia, Spain's Monegal family perfumery, before opening his our perfume house. He chose the feminine name of "Dana" for it's short length, appealing sound in all languages, and ease of attribution to beauty and fragrance. The House of Dana was established in 1932, and that same year he released TABU the first Dana perfume. As the original oriental, Tabu would serve as the inspiration for the famous fragrances of Tuvara by Tuvache (1948) and Estee Lauder Youth Dew (1951). With the new success the House of Dana relocated to Paris, and released nearly 50 fragrances through the 1950s including Canoe, 20 Carats, Emir, Plantine Voodoo, and Ambush. In 1940, when Paris was occupied by Germany, the House of Dana moved to the U.S. where it remains today. The company is now a Lynn Tilton Company.
(Source:, April 2020)

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