Boho Chic Fragrances

New bohemian inspired fragrances for fall.

Excerpts from a fragrance editorial, Boho Chic, in Marie Claire Magazine, October 2015 issue.

Erin Flaherty

Bohemian Scents

"The first time I smelled cardamom...I thought I had discovered the most divine spice on the planet.... Wholly embraced in the Middle East and India, yet completely underutilized in the States, the pretty little seed pods pack a pungent, smoky aroma that I can only described as cinnamon's louche, ultracool cousin. ... It is the key ingredient in Jo Malone's gorgeous new scent, Mimosa & Cardamom, inspired by the spirit of the 19th-century English bohemianism, when romantic literary types and the rich eccentrics who followeed them were all batty for the spoils of the exotic Far East." --Erin Flaherty, Beauty Director Marie Claire | Read the full article

Jo Malone Mimosa & Cardamom Candle

Jo Malone Mimosa & Cardamom
Scented candle, 7 oz., $65

Giorgio Armani Si Huile de Parfum

Giorgio Armani Si Fragrance Oil
Huile de Parfum, $105

Ralph Lauren Polo Supreme Leather

Ralph Lauren Polo Supreme Leather
Eau de Parfum, 42. oz., $125

Lisa Hoffman Brazilian Begonia

Lisa Hoffman Brazilian Begonia
Beaded bracelet, $65

Inspiration Board - Boho Chic Fragrances Marie Claire Oct 2015

(Flaherty, Erin. "Inspiration Board: Boho Chic." Marie Claire Oct. 2015: 212)

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