New Perfumes Released in 2015

Latest Fragrance Releases
Our list of perfumes and fragrances released in 2015. Perfumes, bath and body, and home fragrances.

Updated 06/03/20

Fragrance Articles & Editorials

Travel Inspired Perfumes Travel Inspired Perfumes
Check out these new fragrances inspired by exotic locations, moments and places in time. A new spin on the olfactory-memory equation.

Layering Perfumes Layering Perfumes
Try these fragrance combos to create a new scent using your existing collection, or check out the new perfumes available from fashion design houses and celebrity scents.

Scents of Style Find a Fragrance to Love
There are so many new scents out now, where do you begin? Take the Redbook quiz to find out! Like eHarmony for your nose, it'll determine your ideal match. One of these beauties might be it for you.

Scents of Style Sweet Skin Care
Freezing air. Chapping winds. Whatever winter dishes out, fight dryness with dessert! No mere cream puffs, these finds are effective and indulgent.

Scents of Style Scents of Style
You can tell a lot about a woman from her shoes. And perfumer Sarah Horowitz can pick a fitting scent based on the recipient's favorite pair.

Perfume Gift Guide Perfume Gift Guide
Wondering what to get that special someone on your list? InStyle editors lend you a hand on the perfect presents for the fragrance lover in your life. Check out the list of perfumes, candles, and bubble bath!

Warm Rich Fragrances Warm Rich Fragrances
New fall fragrances with warm notes to keep you cozy this season. Top fashion designers and fragrance houses have released perfumes with rich notes of pepper, ginger, cedar, leather, amber, orris, patchouli, and vanilla.

Perfume High Notes Perfume High Notes
Do you have a sensitive nose when it comes to perfumes? InStyle's Amy Synnott gives us a rundown of essential oils, natural perfumes, and potent scents guaranteed to make any sniffer happy.

Edgy Floral Fragrances Edgy Floral Fragrances
Check out new twist on floral perfumers for fall. Cosmo's Jessica Matlin breaks down the new edgy fall fragrances, from Decadence to "Lickable" scents.

Most Wanted Beauty Awards Beauty Awards
The 3rd annual reader's survey results from Marie Claire's Most Wanted Beauty Awards.

Hotel Fine Fragrances Hotel Fine Fragrances
Marie Claire Assistant Beauty Editor, Joy Hernon, give us a run down on hotel inspired fine fragrances.

Boho Chic Fragrances Boho Chic Fragrances
Marie Claire Beauty Director, Erin Flaherty, shares her Bohemian inspiration board of fragrances.

Colognes for Dads Colognes for Dads
Comedian Joel McHale tells us what he thinks new colognes say about the dads who wear them.

Perfume Bottle Treasure Hunt Perfume Bottle Treasure Hunt
People love to collect Objects d'Art and perfume bottles are a high stakes game.

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