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Axiom by Skeem Design - Scented candle collection housed in matte black cut glass containers, with metallic gold lids decorated with geometric designs inspired by crystal formation patterns. The Axiom - meaning to be in balance - collection includes six new fragrances available in glass containers or miniature tins.

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Fragrance House Skeem Design
Introduced August 2015
Scents Cardamom Rose | Cedar & Citron | Coastal Driftwood | Kaffir Lime & Saffron | Plum & Moss
Products Skeem Design - Scented Candle Tins and Jars / $15-25

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Skeem Axion Candles

"The Greek origin of the word Axiom, means to be in balance. Our Axiom candle collection plays with the ideas of balance and structure both in the facets of the matte-black cut glass container, and in the gold metallic lid designs which were inspired by the geometric patterns found in crystal formations." --skeemshop.com

Jar: 10 oz., 50 hours, 3.5" H x 3" W - $25
Tin: 20 hours, 1.25" H x 3.25" W - $15

Cardamom Rose
Cardamom Rose is spicy, warming, resinous scent with a complexity in the forward rose floral notes.

Cedar & Citron
Rich notes of balsam, fir and pine blended with earthy cedar, tonka and bright lemon.

Coastal Driftwood
Notes of ocean air, cypress and oak moss deepen with a pachouli and amber base.

Kaffir Lime & Saffron
A bright citrus scent with a complex layering of saffron, darkened with neroli and musk.

Sequoia Embers
Woodsy amber, pachouli and sequoia lend a smoky base with subtle layers of fruit and spice.

Plum & Moss
Plum fruit mixed with floral notes of rose and peony are layered with green moss, water and linen.

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Skeem Axion Candles Perfume editorial Beauty Deals
InStyle - Dec 2015
Skeem Axion Candles Perfume

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FLOWER Sparkling Garden Fragrance Rollerball, $10; walmart.com.
A dab of this charming scent with sweet citrus and white peony takes us bask to summer days spent sipping rosé.

SKEEM DESIGN Axiom Cardamom Rose candle in tin, $15; skeemshop.com
We love travel candles, but sometimes their heady floral bouquets leave us reaching for a window. This wax releases the cozy aroma of spicy cardamom and earthy rose.

LE COUVENT DES MINIMES Hand Cream Bouquet, $15 / 6; ulta.com
The best defense against chapped winter hands? Popping one of these shea-butter balms in every bucket bag you own.

("Beauty: Deals & Steals." InStyle Dec. 2015: 222)

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