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Skeem Candles
Soy base candles, essential oils, synthetic perfumes, 100% cotton wicks.
Available -- variety of sizes / $15-$44
Skeem Perfume
Rollerball perfumes created with denatured alcohol, filtered water, and signature fragrances.
Available -- 0.25 oz / $16
Skeem Matches
Square apothecary bottle with decorative matches and strike-on-bottle design.
Available -- variety of sizes / $10-$30
About Skeem Design

Skeem Design home fragrances
Founded by husband and wife Geoff Weiser and Suji Meswani, SKEEM is known for its hand-poured soy based candles in decorative, repurposable containers.

Contact Skeem Design
SKEEM - 751 North Taylor street Philadelphia, PA 19130
Phone 1-215-978-6240 | skeemdesign.com

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Skeem Design home fragrances

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