Fragrance guide for Skeem Design

Fragrance guide for candles and home collections by Skeem Design.

Last updated 01/2016

Amber Tuberose -- Musky notes of amber and ocean blend with floral notes of tuberose and orchid.

Black Currant -- Ripe berries mixed in a rich heady scent that is both sweet and fruity.

Blood Orange -- A full, bright citrus scent capturing the unique tart and sweet notes of this special fruit.

Cardamom Rose -- Spicy, warming, resinous cardamom brings a complexity to the forward rose floral notes.

Cedar & Citron -- Rich notes of balsam, fir and pine blended with earthy cedar, tonka and bright lemon.

Citrus & Olive -- Briny olive notes pair unexpectedly with citrus, fig, cedarwood and eucalyptus.

Coastal Driftwood -- Notes of ocean air, cypress and oak moss deepen with a patchouli and amber base.

Currant Mangosteen -- Sweet berries mix with tropical fruit, for a bright sweetness tamed by vanilla and oak.

Dune Sage -- An herbal and woodsy blend of moss, sage, and three types of beach pine.

Grapefruit Zest -- The burst of tangy and energizing citrus notes from this bold, tart fruit.

Hibiscus Water -- A floral blend of jasmine, lily and iris, with a musky base of moss, cedarwood and amber.

Kaffir Lime & Saffron -- Bright citrus with a complex layering of saffron, darkened with neroli and musk.

Lilac Dandelion -- Florals and herbs combine in this light, green, blooming fragrance.

Mahogany Myrrh -- Spicy, warm herbs with wood resins give a heady base with subtle green and floral notes.

Night Jasmine -- Woodsy and floral notes blend jasmine, orange and incense.

Plum & Moss -- Plum fruit mixed with floral notes of rose and peony are layered with green moss, water and linen.

Pomegranate Sandalwood -- Sandalwood and pomegranate create a woody base with mid notes of lavender and rose.

Pomelo Tamarind -- Citrus peel mixes with vanilla and tamaring in a lively play of sweet and musk.

Sage Blossom Honey -- Wildflower honey is a sweet perfume balanced with tea leaf, sage, lemongrass and musk.

Sequoia Embers -- Woodsy amber, patchouli and sequoia lend a smoky base with subtle layers of fruit and spice. (2015)

Sweet Balsam -- A blend of evergreens highlighted by spring bulbs and pine cones.

Sweet Pea & Vanilla -- Sweet pear and a touch of jasmine with the thick, rich, sweet musk of vanilla.

Vintage Peony -- A sophisticated blend of floral notes combining peony, lily, and a hint of musk.

Warm Amber -- Woody amber and musk notes blended with pine, orange and sandalwood.

White Lotus -- Lotus mixes with coral and orange blossoms spiked with seaweed and musk.

White Tea & Thyme -- A crisp blend of tea leaves, thyme, and hints of jasmine and lemon.

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