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Holiday Fragrance Collection by The Body Shop - New seasonal scents available for the holidays include last year's hit fragrance Glazed Apple alongside Frosted Cranberry and Frosted Plum. These three festive fruity scents are available in bath and body product collection and home fragrance oil and candles for a limited time from The Body Shop stores.

The Body Shop Holiday Fragrances

The Body Shop Holiday Fragrances - fragrance info

Fragrance House The Body Shop
Introduced October 2015
Scents Available Glazed Apple | Frosted Cranberry | Frosted Plum
Collection Seasonal Scents
Available Products Sugar Scrub $22, Shimmer Lotion $13, Shower Gel $9 / 8.4oz each
Body Butter 6.7oz / $21, Soap 3.5oz / $4, Hand Cream 1oz / $8, Lip Balm 0.6oz / $8

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Bath & Body Scents

The Body Shop Holiday Fragrances

Glazed Apple - Shine all season long with The Body Shop's Glazed Apple fragrance collection. This mouth-watering collection contains Alpine apple seed oil from green apples grown in the orchards of the Italian Alps, well known for its hydrating benefits to the skin.

Frosted Cranberry - The Body Shop's Frosted Cranberry is a vibrant and juicy-smelling festive favorite for fragrant, soft skin. Contains top note cranberry seed oil from Canada, a nourishing and moisturizing treat for the skin.

Frosted Plum - The Body Shop's Frosted Plum is a rich and delicious-smelling festive treat for softly-sweet skin. The opening notes of plum, grapefruit, and raspberry give this fragrance a fruity punch, while it's floral heart and musk base adds sophistication.

Home fragrances available in these holiday scents -- Candle 7oz / $19, Fragrance Oil 0.3oz / $6

The Body Shop Holiday Fragrances - fragrance editorials

The Body Shop Holiday Fragrances Perfume editorial Beauty $10 Tops
Cosmopolitan - Dec 2015
The Body Shop Holiday Fragrances

Beauty - $10, Tops! (Secret Santa Edition)
Budget-friendly buys that make you look (and feel) like a million bucks.

Petal Pusher
A floral scent spiked with sexy musk is equal parts naughty and nice.
FLOWER Radiant Fragrance Mist

Plum Perfect
Visions of this luxe body butter will dance in their heads.
THE BODY SHOP Frosted Plum Mini Body Butter, $7,

(Balsamo, Lauren. "Beauty: $10, Tops!." Cosmopolitan Dec. 2015: 100)

The Body Shop Holiday Fragrances Perfume editorial Sweet Skin Care
Rachael Ray Every Day - Dec 2015
The Body Shop Holiday Fragrances Fragrance

Sweet-talk Your Skin
Freezing air. Chapping winds. Whatever winter dishes out, fight dryness with dessert! No mere cream puffs, these finds are effective and indulgent.

The grown-up answer to sugar plums dancing in your head? Sugared plums softening your skin. The Body Shop Body Butter in Frosted Plum is so yummy, you'll want to binge-apply, yet also so rich, a little goes a long way.

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(Kozolchyk, Abbie. "Looking Good: Sweet-talk Your Skin.." Rachael Ray Every Day Dec. 2015: 76-77)

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