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Aedes de Venustas fragrances: Niche perfume boutique in New York's West Village founded by Robert Gerstner and Karl Bradl in 2005. Learn more

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Aedes de Venustas - perfume boutique

Aedes de Venustas founders, Robert Gerstner and Karl Bradl

About Aedes de Venustas   (Temple of Beauty)
Aedes is a niche perfume boutique founded in 2005 by Robert Gerstner and Karl Bradl, located in New York City. Fragrance brands they carry include L'Artisian Parfumeur, Santa Maria Novella, Diptyque, and Serge Lutens. They launched a namesake fragrance in 2009 with L'Artisan perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour, and their signature scent in 2012 with the same perfumer. Karl Bradl is also part of the Nomenclature perfume line.

Contact Aedes de Venustas
Aedes de Venustas - 9 Christopher St, New York, NY 10014
Tel. 1-212-206-8674 | Toll-Free 1-888-233-3715

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