Heeley Vetiver Veritas - fragrance for women and men

Vetiver Veritas by Heeley - An all natural perfume for men and women. This woody aromatic perfume contains notes of lavender, mate, grapefruit, woods, mint, and 90% Hatian vetiver. This fragrance is reminiscent of golden grass. Available as an all natural eau de parfum spray.

Heeley Vetiver Veritas Fragrance

Heeley Vetiver Veritas Fragrance

Heeley Vetiver Veritas - fragrance info

Perfume House Heeley
Introduced June 2014
Perfumer James Heeley
Scent Classification Woody Aromatic
Fragrance Notes Top -- grapefruit
Heart -- lavender, mint
Base -- Haitian vetiver
Package Design  
Print/TV Campaign  
Available Products Eau de Parfum 1.7oz / $145, Sample 0.07oz / $4

Heeley Vetiver Veritas Fragrance Campaign

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Heeley Vetiver Veritas

"Ripened by a long summer's sun, whispers of golden grass conceal an unexpected surprise. With a natural air of grace, the lasting scent of Vetiver Veritas is guaranteed by a composition containing over 90% Haitian Vetiver of exceptional quality. Characteristic notes of dry grass and clean earth combine with a hint of fresh mint that infuses life and vitality. But the real surprise is concealed until the base notes fade to a top note of fresh grapefruit."
-- jamesheely.com (Dec 2015)

Heeley Vetiver Veritas - fragrance editorials

Heeley Vetiver Veritas Perfume editorial Perfume Notes
InStyle - Nov 2015
Heeley Vetiver Veritas Perfume

Sense & Sensitivities
There are dozens of essential oils and natural blends that will appeal to your finely tuned nose. For something a little stronger and more complex, check out the heady creations.

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(Synnott, Amy. "Sense & Sensitivities." InStyle Nov. 2015: 161-164)

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