Jovan Musk Perfume

Jovan Musk - eau de cologne for women

Musk for Women by Jovan - "Experience the sexy feeling of Jovan Musk for Women. A delicate floral accord of jasmine, neroli, and bergamot blends with the earthy, seductive scent of musk. This mysterious fragrance unleashes your own natural powers of seduction. It's what attracts."

Perfume House Jovan
Introduced 1972
Scent Classification Floral Musk
Perfumer --
Fragrance Notes Bergamot, jasmine, neroli, musk
Package Designer --
Print/TV Campaign --
Available Products Jovan Musk for Women - Eau de Cologne 2oz / $17.49
Jovan Musk for Women - Cologne Concentrate 2oz, 3.25oz / $17.99-23.99
Jovan Musk for Women - Cologne Spray 2oz / $12.49
Jovan Musk for Women - Musk Oil 0.33oz/$15.49

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Jovan Musk perfume
Jovan Musk Perfume
Jovan - Playboy, Oct 1988

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Jovan Musk Perfume
Allure Magazine - April 2013
Jovan Musk Perfume

Fragrance News - Dollars & Scents -- Don't judge a book by its cover -- or a perfume by its bottle. Fragrance experts single out the best scents under $60 (and explain why "smelling like cheap perfume" isn't the insult it used to be).

Jovan Musk, $20.42 -- Though its heyday was in the '70s, this skinlike scent still smells modern. Musk notes get a bad reputation for being animalistic, sweaty, even sleezy. (That could be due in part to the mass production of the ingredient beginning in the '50s, when it was used in everything from laundry detergent to dish soap.) A good synthetic musk (like the one found in Jovan) can smell "very clean," says scent designer Dawn Goldworm. "It enables all of the ingredients in a perfume to stick together and makes it softer." Adds perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, "Jovan also has a floral quality that's very No.5-ish."

(Guarnieri, Anne-Marie. "Fragrance News: Dollars & Scents." Allure Apr. 2013: 194-200)

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