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Kate Walsh Boyfriend - eau de parfum for women

Boyfriend by Kate Walsh - "Combines rich notes of amber and woods with vibrant seductive florals of myrrh, dark plum and night blooming jasmine. Perfectly captures his scent with a wearable feminine twist." --yourboyfriend.com

Perfume House Kate Walsh
Introduced November 2010
Tagline Wear Him
Scent Classification Floral Woody
Perfumer Marypierre Julien from Givaudan
Fragrance Notes Top - dark plum, myrrh
Heart - night blooming jasmine, benzoin tears
Base - skin musk, golden amber, vanilla woods
Package Designer Chanel No.5-type square bottle and cap, boyfriends names on the back, faux leather on neck of bottle.
Print/TV Campaign Kate Walsh (model, actress), Terry Richardson (photographer)
Available Products Kate Walsh Boyfriend - Eau de Parfum 0.5oz, 1.7oz / $35-65
Kate Walsh Boyfriend - Rollerball 0.4oz ($20)
Body Oil Spray 3.4oz/$35, Body Cream 3.4oz-6.7oz/$22-45

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Kate Walsh Boyfriend fragrances
Kate Walsh Boyfriend Fragrance
Kate Walsh - Nov 2012
Kate Walsh Boyfriend perfume
Kate Walsh Boyfriend Perfume
Kate Walsh - Nov 2010
Kate Walsh Boyfriend perfume
Kate Walsh Boyfriend Perfume Launch
Kate Walsh - Nov 2010

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Boyfriend Kate Walsh Perfume
"Ever miss the scent of your boyfriend on your skin? Well, I did. So I created BOYFRIEND, a fragrance inspired by him but made for us. With the muguet, dark plum, myrrh, and night blooming jasmine, BOYFRIEND has all the floral notes we ladies love with the warm, woody, amber musk that makes your eyes roll...just like him! Now you can take your Boyfriend with you wherever you go. Seductive and intoxicating, you're gonna wanna wear Him." -- Kate Walsh

Fragrance Notes
The Boyfriend fragrance is beautifully constructed with the sensual aroma of smoldering myrrh drenched with succulent and juicy dark plum creating an instant and passionate embrace. It has the exotic floralcy of Night Blooming Jasmine, known for it's aphrodisiac properties and instant attraction between men and women, the creamy vanilla warmth of Benzoine Tears combined with cashmere musks, golden amber and vanilla white woods that create the sensual, nuzzly, warm feel of the fragrance. The result is a wonderfully contrasting scent that perfectly captures his scent with a wearable feminine twist. BOYFRIEND is a subtle fragrance that you move into. Each item in the Boyfriend fragrance line was created with a slight variation of the signature scent which allows for great product layering, individual product use or layering with most other fragrances, either way it will make you purr!

Source: yourboyfriend.com (April 2013)

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Kate Walsh Boyfriend Perfume
Allure Magazine - April 2013
Kate Walsh Boyfriend Perfume

Fragrance News - Dollars & Scents -- Don't judge a book by its cover -- or a perfume by its bottle. Fragrance experts single out the best scents under $60 (and explain why "smelling like cheap perfume" isn't the insult it used to be).

Kate Walsh Bodyfriend, $35 -- "If it wasn't for the bottle, you could mistake this for a Tom Ford fragrance," Chandler Burr, curator of the olfactory department at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York City, says of this musky, seductive vanilla. The thing is, a great perfume "is not just about the quality -- it's about aethetics." But back to the (unfortunate) bottle. "The majority of a perfume's overall cost is in its packaging and marketing," says perfumer Francis Kurkdjian. This one has a faux-leather sticker around the neck and names (presumably of boyfriends past) stamped on the back of the bottle. But once you actually spray it, none of that matters. The same goes for the powdery classic Love's Baby Soft: The pink-capped bottle looks like a feminine-hygiene spray. But as scent designer Dawn Goldworm says, "It still smells relevant today. It doesn't matter that you're buying it in a canister at a pharmacy." Put differently: Screw-top wines have finally gained respect; why not a fragrance with a cheap-looking lid?

(Guarnieri, Anne-Marie. "Fragrance News." Allure Apr. 2013: 194-200)

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