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Lanvin Rumeur - eau de parfum for women

Rumeur by Lanvin - "In 1924, when Jeanne Lanvin created Lanvin Parfums SA...she was guided by the conviction that perfume was a vital part of her vision of fashion and life in general. ... The stakes were raised in 1925, with the arrival of a young perfumer names André Fraysse (then aged only 27) whose talent had been noted by Jeanne Lanvin. He joined the Nanterre laboratories and Arpège was his first creation in 1927. ... This success was followed by many more olfactory delights: ...Rumeur in 1934." "Rumeur spreads through word of mouth, from one woman to another...Always at the heart of the conversation. Elusive, it releases its bewitching melody and woody, musky floral scent. A fragrance that passes from one woman to the next, never fading, just like a rumor that is constantly spreading and won't disappear. Whispers, murmurs, everyone wants to hear the secret... Rumeur is a highly feminine, decisively modern fragrance, a floral accord composed around magnolia blossom."

Perfume House Lanvin
Introduced 1934 (original), 1979 (re-launched), 2007 (re-formulated)
Scent Classification Fruity Chypre (1934), Woody Musky Floral (2007)
Perfumer André Fraysse (1934), Francis Kurkdjian (2007)
Fragrance Notes Magnolia, mock-orange, Arabian jasmine, white rose, aldehydes, patchouli, musk (2007)
Package Designer Alber Elbaz (Lanvin art director, bottle designer 2007)
Print/TV Campaign Guillaume Gillet (illustrator 1950s); Amanda Moore (model 2007), Solve Sundsbo (photographer 2007)
Available Products Lanvin Rumeur - Eau de Parfum 1oz ($45), 1.7oz ($75), 3.4oz ($90)
Lanvin Rumeur - Shower Gel 5oz ($40)

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A Rumour That Lingers on the Nape of Lady's Neck
Rumeur is a name that implies obsession. They might not admit it, but everyone wants to hear the rumour. At Lanvin, Rumeur is already a legend, a piece of its history. It was one of Lanvin's first perfumes, created in 1934, alongside Prétexte and Scandal. It was marketed for a second time in 1979. And in 2007, Rumeur was once again given a new lease on life by Alber Elbaz and Francis Kurkdjian. Alber Elbaz, Lanvin's art director, designed a glass bottle made up entirely of irregular, inviting curves, no corners. The wording looks hand-engraved, reinforcing the impression of personal appropriation.

Everyone has their own Rumeur, their own secrets. Francis Kurkdjian, a young perfumer and great admirer of the designer's work, drew his inspiration from the world of fabrics, using white flowers and soft blossoms to evoke the flowing lines, folds and bunches of the master's dresses.

Rumeur is like a choir, dominating initially by the voice of magnolia, which is soon joined by mock-orange, Arabian jasmine and white rose. The sensual patchouli and musk base is almost elusive, and aldehydes reminiscent of the first great perfumes give Rumeur a vintage feel. A Rumeur that never truly died.
Source: (Oct. 2011)

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Rumeur Lanvin Perfumes
Rumeur Lanvin Perfume
Lanvin - Amanda Moore, 2007
Rumeur Lanvin Fragrances
Lanvin Rumeur Perfume
Lanvin - Amanda Moore, 2007
Lanvin Parfums, Guillaume Gillet 1957
Lanvin Parfums
Lanvin - Guillaume Gillet, 1957
Lanvin Parfums, Guillaume Gillet 1954
Lanvin Parfums
Lanvin - Guillaume Gillet, 1954
Lanvin Parfums, Guillaume Gillet 1953
Lanvin Parfums
Lanvin - Guillaume Gillet, 1953

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Chronology - "1934 - Launch of the perfume RUMEUR."
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Parfums Lanvin - "André Fraysse [perfumer at Lanvin since 1927] remained with Lanvin to produce other successful perfumes, notably Scandal, Rumeur, and, in 1937 Prétexte."
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Perfumes by Jeanne Lanvin - "Rumeur (1934), perfumer Andre Fraysse. Rumeur (relaunch 1979)."
(Perfume Projects., Oct. 2011.)

The History of the House of Lanvin Parfums - "...The tantalising names read like a sexy adventure as well: ...Rumeur (rumour).... The perfumes of Lanvin in chronological order are: ...1934 Rumeur...1979 Rumeur (relaunch)...2006 Rumeur (new edition)."
(Perfume Shrine., Oct. 2011.)

Lanvin Parfums - "Rumeur by Parfums Lanvin, 1934. Created by André Fraysse; a fruity chypre fragrance, classified D4f. Relance de Rumeur by Parfums Lanvin, 1979. Rumeur Extrait by Parfums Lanvin."
(Perfume Intellegence - The Perfume Encyclopedia., Oct. 2011.)

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