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Scandal by Lanvin - "In 1924, when Jeanne Lanvin created Lanvin Parfums SA... she was guided by the conviction that perfume was a vital part of her vision of fashion and life in general. 1925, with the arrival of a young perfumer name André Fraysse... joined the Nanterre laboratories and Arpege was his first creation in 1927. ...this success was followed by many more olfactory delights: ...Scandal, which was haled by perfume industry colossus Edmond Roudnitska as on of the greatest leather scents ever when it was launched in 1933."

Perfume House Lanvin
Introduced 1933 (discontinued in 1971)
Scent Classification Leather Chypre
Perfumer Andre Fraysse
Fragrance Notes Top -- Bergamot, lemon, neroli, mandarin, clary sage
Heart -- Leather, iris, rose, ylang ylang
Base -- Incense, oakmoss, vanilla, vetiver, benzion
Package Designer --
Print/TV Campaign --
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Lanvin Parfums 1938
Lanvin Parfums
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Scandal Lanvin perfume 1933
Lanvin Scandal Perfume
Lanvin - 1933
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Lanvin Parfums
Lanvin - Guillaume Gillet, 1959

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Chronology - "1933 - The perfume "Scandal" is launched, combining the aura of ambergris with a hint of leather...."
(Barillé, Élisabeth. Lanvin. New York: Assouline, 2006.)

Parfums Lanvin - "André Fraysse [perfumer at Lanvin since 1927] remained with Lanvin to produce other successful perfumes, notably Scandal, Rumeur, and, in 1937 Prétexte."
(Groom, Nigel. Perfume: The Ultimate Guide to the World's Finest Fragrances. Philladelphia: Running Press, 1999.)

Jeanne Lanvin - "...[Jeanne Lanvin] became a name which, through her famous still widely known today. ... Major perfumes: My Sin (1925); Arpege (1927); Scandal (1931)."
(McDowell, Colin. McDowell's Dictionary of Twentieth Century Fashion. New Jersey: Prentice Hall, 1985.)

Jeanne Lanvin - "Scandal (1933), perfumer André Fraysse."
(Perfume Projects., Oct. 2011.)

A Smooth Leather for the Tough 1930s: Lanvin Scandal - "The France in which Scandal was born in 1932 was riddled with unemployment, political instability and financial scandals. In the wake of the newly fashionable psychoanalysis, surrealism delved into the subconscious and its disturbing images. From the 1932 Tabu by Dana to Schiaparelli's Shocking in 1937, perfume names reflected these troubled times... It is strange, though, that the house of Lanvin would be the boldest in naming its scents: the milliner Jeanne Lanvin actually launched her brilliant career by producing for her high society clientele the designs she had created for her beloved daughter - the house logo by Paul Iribe showed a stylised mother and daughter embrace. However, starting with the sensuous My Sin in 1925, on to L'Ame Perdue ("Lost Soul") and Pétales Froissés ("Crumpled Petals", perhaps a vague allusion to "damaged goods"), both in 1928, Lanvin launched a series of racily-named perfumes. A shrewd marketer, she was in tune with the zeitgeist. In the year following the launch of Scandal, the most resounding politico-financial scandal of the decade, the Stavisky affair -in which several prominent figures were embroiled- would rock France to its very foundations. ..leather had already entered the feminine scent wardrobe a decade earlier. But unlike its Twenties forerunners Tabac Blond, En Avion or Djedi, and to a much greater degree than Chanel Cuir de Russie, Scandal plays up the animalic, leathery side of leather... Scandal was admired by no lesser an authority than the late, great Edmond Roudnitska. It is one of the few classics he mentions in his book Le Parfum (Presses Universitaires de France, 1980), firstly as the prototype of a "fruity-aldehydic-leather" family and secondly, as a prime example of compositions that evoke rather than represent a note.... Though Lanvin has recently re-launched a scent of the same André Fraysse series, Rumeur (there was also Crescendo and Prétexte), there seems to be no chance of their resurrecting Scandal, discontinued in 1971."
(Perfume Shrine., Oct. 2011.)

The History of the House of Lanvin Parfums - "Acclaimed perfumer Edmond Roudnistks had pronounced quiniline-rich yet smooth Scandal (1933) as his preferred leather scent among all others by saying it's 'a beautiful flower snapped inside a new leather handbag.' ... The perfumes of Lanvin in chronological order are: ...1933 Scandal."
(Perfume Shrine., Oct. 2011.)

Lanvin Parfums - "Scandal by Parfums Lanvin, 1933. Alternative spelling 'Scandale'. Created by André Fraysse; a leather fragrance, classified G1f."
(Perfume Intellegence - The Perfume Encyclopedia., Oct. 2011.)

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