Launching Scent Families

Author and writer Alexandra Kleeman takes us into her journey of discovery with a new article for Vogue describing the new trend in perfumery of creating scent collections rather that just singlular perfumes.

Excerpts from a fragrance editorial, Bottled Up, in Vogue Magazine, February 2017 issue.

Alexandra Kleeman

Bottled Up

"Launching scent families rather than single perfumes is a trend sweeping the fragrance industry. But does that leave us bewitched, bothered - or bewildered?"
-- Alexandra Kleeman, Author and Writer | Learn more @

I've encountered only a handful of people who've found that fragrance that truly completes them ... This blissful union of individual and scent is a bond I've sought and envied ever since I was eighteen and bought my first bottle of Chanel Chance ... More than a decade later ... I find myself still hunting for my signature scent... This time, however, the search is complicated by the fact that counters are heavy with newly launched fragrance "anthologies" rather than single "stories."

Drinks + Perfumes

Viktor and Rolf Magic Fragrances

Viktor & Rolf

Magic is a fragrance collection of six scents: Dancing Roses, Dirty Trick, Lavender Illusion, Liquid Diamons, Sage Spell, and Sparkling Secret
Jo Malone Rare Teas

Jo Malone

Rare Teas collection of six fragrances: Darjeeling Tea, Golden Needle Tea, Jade Leaf Tea, Midnight Leaf Tea, Oolong Tea, and Silver Needle Tea
Ralph Lauren Fragrance Collection

Ralph Lauren

Fragrance collection of ten perfumes: Rose, White Tea, Vetiver, White Lily, Lime, Orange Flower, Sage, Magnolia, Amber, and Oud
Louis Vuitton Les Parfums

Louis Vuitton

Les Parfums is a collection of seven scents: Rose des Vents, Turbulences, Dans la Peau, Apogee, Matiere Noire, Mille Feux, and Contre Moi
Maison Lancome Eaux de Parfum

Maison Lancome

Eaux de Parfum collection of six fragrances: Jasmine Marzipane, L'Autre Oud, Lavandes Trianon, Oud Ambroisie, Oud Bouquet, and Tubereuses Castane
Rag and Bone Perfumes

Rag & Bone

Collection of eight fragrances in eaux de parfum for their debut into the perfume line: Amber, Bergamot, Cypress, Encens, Oud, Oddity, Neroli, and Rose
Atelier Bloem Fragrances

Atelier Bloem

Collection of six fragrances: Half Moon, William, 1614, Black Tulip, Iris, and Neuw Amsterdam

(Kleeman, Alexandra. "Beauty: Fragrance - Bottled Up." Vogue Feb 2017: 91-92)

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