Dior Fahrenheit Perfume

Dior Fahrenheit - eau du toilette for men

Fahrenheit by Christian Dior - "Fahrenheit was an olfactory revolution and remains a unique fragrance today due to its unprecedented blend of mandarin orange, violet and the intensity of a leathery woody accord. A fragrance constructed around almost magnetically attractive contrasts: hot and cold, subtlety and power. Creativity, distinction, character... Fahrenheit boasts an inimitable fragrant trail and signature."  --dior.com

Perfume House   Dior
Introduced 1988
Tagline --
Scent Classification Floral Musk
Perfumer Jean Louis Sieuzac of Florasynth
Fragrance Notes Bergamot, mandarin, honeysuckle, hawthorne, nutmeg, sandalwood, violet, tonka bean, cedar, patchouli, leather note
Package Designer --
Print/TV Campaign --
Available Products Dior Fahreheit - Eau de Toilette 1.7oz, 3.4oz, 6.8oz / $60-98

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Christian Dior Fahrenheit Fragrance
Dior Fahreheit Fragrance
Dior - 2002
Christian Dior Fahrenheit Cologne
Dior Fahreheit Cologne
Dior - 1996

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Dior Fahrenheit Fragrance
Allure - Sept. 2012
Dior Fahrenheit Fragrance

Scent Minimalism
It's like a riddle: What would a perfume that smells like nothing smell like? (Or, perhaps, why would anyone wear it?) ... But because this is the corner of the perfume world that attracts the esoteric, some scents take it one step further. One clue: They tend to have names that conjure up nothing found in nature, like Juliette Has a Gun Not a Perfume and Escentric Molecules Molecule 01. Not a Perfume contains a synthetic note called ambrox, which on its own smells faintly of amber, but can turn creamy, sweaty, or alcoholic, depending on the wearer. Molecule 01, a top seller at Aedes de Venustas boutique in New York City, is chock-full of Iso E Super, an ingredient that normally doesn't stand alone. The faintly sweet note with an alleged pheromonal effect, which means it never smells the same way twice, is included in Dior Fahrenheit and Cartier Declaration, among other perfumes.

(Guarnieri, Anne-Marie. "Phenomenon." Allure Sept. 2012: 122-133)

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