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Serge Lutens fragrances: Niche perfume house opened by Serge Lutens in Paris, France in 1992. Originally a makeup artist, Serge created a cosmetic line for Christian Dior in the late 1960s. In 1980 he became the creative director for Shiseido, producing his first perfume, Nombre Noir in 1981. Learn more

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Serge Lutens - perfumer and makeup artist

Serge Lutens, perfumer

About Serge Lutens
Serge Lutens, born in Lille, France in 1942, began a career in beauty at the age of 14 apprenticing for a hair salon. After his military duty he moved to Paris, and in the 1960s he worked with photographers for Vogue, creating looks with hair and makeup. In the 70s he took his photography to a new level and directed short art films. He worked for Shiseido in product image development in the 1980s. In the early 90s he opened his own perfume house, and his own brand was launched in 2000, winning numberous FiFi awards. He currently lives in Marrakech, Morocco, and continues to create fragrances.
Source: (Jan. 2013)

Contact Serge Lutens
Palais Royal - Serge Lutens
Jardins du Palais Royal, 142 Galerie de Valois, 75001 Paris
Tel. 01 49 27 09 09 |

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Fragrance Editorials

Serge Lutens Perfume editorial Allure Going Rogue
Allure - March 2017
Serge Lutens

The Fragrance Pro - Going Rogue
The most celebrated fragrances often inspire nostalgia. But perfumers themselves travel in a very different direction: They forge ahead, coaxing fresh ideas out of classic techniques. ... It's a recipe that transcends scent. Risk takers may fail on occasion, but the moments they succeed are the ones that make the world spin.

Serge Lutens
A former makeup artist, Lutens isn't a perfumer by trade, but his Paris fragrance boutique breathed fresh life into the industry in the 1990s. His goal was to offer radical alternatives to safe trends, combining cutting-edge ingredients with total creative freedom. A musk in the original, dirty sense, Muscs Koublaï Khan, which Lutens created with Christopher Sheldrake, challenged the easy, splashy fragrances of the time.

Rogue Perfumers:

(Kurkdjian, F. "The Fragrance Pro: Going Rogue." Allure Mar. 2017: 82)

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