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Bleu de Chanel - eau de toilette for men

Bleu de Chanel by Chanel - "A new, woody aromatic fragrance for the man who defies convention, and resists the ordinary every day, finding satisfaction in the unexpected. His fragrance, a provocative blend of citrus and woods, liberates the senses - fresh, clean, profoundly sensual - a signature statement of determination and desire. Be unexpected."

Perfume House   Chanel
Introduced August 2010
Tagline Be Unexpected
Scent Classification Woody Aromatic
Perfumer Jacques Polge
Fragrance Notes Top - citrus accord, vetiver, pink pepper
Heart - grapefruit, dry cedar notes, labdanum
Base - frankincense, ginger, sandalwood
Package Designer --
Print/TV Campaign Gaspard Ulliel (model)
James Gray (director 2015)
Martin Scorsese (director 2010)
Available Products Blue de Chanel - Eau de Toilette 1.7oz, 3.4oz / $59-79
Blue de Chanel - After Shave Lotion 3.4oz / $50

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Bleu de Chanel Fragrance
Allure - Sept. 2012
Bleu de Chanel Fragrance

Uncommon Scents
Feminine, fresh, spicy, zzzzzz. Some women are finding new, cool fragrances -- and unexpected ways to wear them.
Masculine-Feminine Scents - Men's scents can also experiment with sex in ways that would get a women's fragrance slut-shamed. They often include intense, sensual notes, like tobacco, smoke, or spice. "There are a lot of women who want something with a little more mystery, like the leathery, smoky, dark notes you find in men's fragrances," says Kari Bradl, co-owner of fragrance boutique Aedes de Venustas in New York City. Dani Stahl, who designs Lia Sophia jewelry, has been choosing men's fragrance since she was a teenager: "My best friend at tennis camp used to wear Eternity for Men, and I loved it." Now she likes the fruity-fresh Bleu de Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent's herbaceous L'Homme Libre. "I think men's fragrance is very sexy on women," she says. "It kind of gives the impression that I might just have been with a gentleman."

(Guarnieri, Anne-Marie. "Phenomenon." Allure Sept. 2012: 122-133)

He Said / She Said
Boyfriend may come and go - but what about their scents? Allure editors and their significant others smelled the latest batch of men's fragrances to see which faded prematurely and which an appealing (not cloying) way.
Chanel Bleu, a blend of lemon, cedar, sandalwood, nutmeg, and ginger. She said: "It smells clean and fresh, as long as you don't pile on too much - it can get a little overwhelming." He said: "I'd wear this to a special occesion because is smells fancy. I'm glad it doesn't smell like the Abercrombie store."
(Caporimo, Alison. "She Said/He Said." Allure Feb. 2011: 107.)

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