Fragrance List starting with the letter I

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Updated 07/09/23

Perfumes - I

I Am Juicy Couture - Juicy Couture
I Don't Need a Prince by My Side to Be a Princess Eau Fraiche - Kilian
I Fancy You - Jessica Simpson
I Love Juicy Couture - Juicy Couture
I Love Love - Moschino
I Love New York - Bond No. 9
I Love New York for Her - Bond No. 9
I Love New York for Him - Bond No. 9
I Want Choo - Jimmy Choo
Ibiza Playboy - Playboy
Iced White - A Dozen Roses
Icon - Gorilla Perfumes
Idole - Lancome
Idole L'Intense - Lancome
Idylle - Guerlain
Idylle Duet Rose-Patchouli - Guerlain
Ikat Jasmine - Aerin Lauder
Illicit - Jimmy Choo
Illicit Flower - Jimmy Choo
Illuminare - Vince Camuto
Illuminea - Mary Kay
Illusione Her - Bottega Veneta
Illusione Him - Bottega Veneta
Imari - Avon
Imari Amor - Avon
Imari Elixir - Avon
Imari Seduction - Avon
Impact - Tommy Hilfiger
Imperial Green - Lalique
Imperiale Eau de Cologne - Guerlain
Immortal Twilight - Twilight Beauty
In Control Curious - Britney Spears
In Love Again - Yves Saint Laurent
In the Mood for Oud - Juliette Has a Gun
Incense Oud - By Kilian
Incense Series 3 - Comme des Garcons
Incredible - Victoria's Secret
Incredible Things - Taylor Swift
Indian Coconut Nectar - Pacifica
Indian Night Jasmine - The Body Shop
Indigo Mist - Clinique
Infanta en Flor - Arquiste
Infinite Moment for Her - Avon
Infinite Moment for Him - Avon
Infinite Shine - Lalique
Infusion d'Amande - Prada
Infusion d'Iris - Prada
Infusion d'Iris (Les Infusions Collection) - Prada
Infusion d'Iris Absolue - Prada
Infusion d'Iris Cedre - Prada
Infusion d'Iris Eau de Toilette - Prada
Infusion d'Iris L'Eau d'Iris - Prada
Infusion d'Oeillet - Prada
Infusion de Fleur d'Oranger - Prada
Infusion de Rose (2011) - Prada
Infusion de Rose (2017) - Prada
Infusion de Tubereuse - Prada
Infusion de Vetiver - Prada
Innamorata - Blumarine
Innamorata Lovely Rose - Blumarine
Insolence - Guerlain
Inspire - Christina Aguilera
Instant Vacation Caribbean - Mark
Instant Vacation Costa Rica - Mark
Instant Vacation Greek Isles - Mark
Instant Vacation Hamptons - Mark
Instant Vacation Ibiza Sol - Mark
Instant Vacation RioBikini - Mark
Instant Vacation RioRhythms - Mark
Instinct - Avon
Instinct for Him - Avon
Intense - Dolce & Gabbana
Interlude Black Iris - Amouage
Into the Wild - Bath & Body Works
Intrusion - Oscar de la Renta
Intuition - Estee Lauder
Intuition for Men - Estee Lauder
Invictus - Paco Rabanne
Invictus Intense - Paco Rabanne
Iridel - Nomenclature
Iris & Lady Moore - Jo Malone
Iris Nobile - Acqua di Parma
Iris Nobile Sublime - Acqua di Parma
Irise - Lanvin
Irresistible - Givenchy
Irresistible Rose Velvet - Givenchy
Island Life for Her - Tommy Bahama
Island Life for Him - Tommy Bahama
Island Vanilla - Pacifica
Island Very Bali - Michael Kors
Ivanka Trump Eau de Parfum - Ivanka Trump
Ivoire - Balmain
Izia - Sisley